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Tax and Accounting for
Crypto Investors

We take care of all your Canadian crypto tax obligations 

Crypto Currencies are a taxable commodity in Canada and must be disclosed on your tax return. At Deixis, we help you understand your options so you can stop worrying about the CRA

How We Help

Crypto Assessment

We determine how to report your crypto currency gains or losses, while helping you minimize your tax obligation from crypto currency trading activity.

Accounting Services

We take care of all your filing obligations and act as your representative with any issues or communication from the CRA.  

Tax Planning

We help you understand your crypto currency investments in a holistic context and can provide you and your family with tax optimization strategies to protect your investment in the long run. 

Stop worrying about the CRA and speak to a
crypto tax advisor today

The Facts

Crypto currency tax reporting is changing...

As crypto currencies become increasingly accepted by the mass market, government bodies will (and have already started) implementing auditing procedures to control this new asset class and to make sure that investors are fulfilling their tax obligations. 

Crypto currency is currently treated as a commodity and not a currency by the CRA. This adds a level of complexity to the tax preparation of crypto currency.

(read the CRA policy here...)

The fact is your crypto currency investment may be subject to gains and losses in the eyes of the CRA. We help you understand your options and make the most optimal investment decisions. 

We're here to help. 


Dr. Yuriy Lozynsky, CPA

Our Approach


Let's talk. Book a call for a good-fit consultation. 


We take the time to assess your portfolio and perform an in-depth situational analysis. 


We create a customized tax optimization plan for you and your family. 


Our Services

Strategy Call

Discuss your tax situation with a CPA and get clarity and a path forward for your investment

45-min session



Crypto Clean Up

We’ll help gather the necessary data, figure out how to treat your crypto activity for tax, get you caught up with crypto tax reporting for past and current years, and set you up to keep proper track of your crypto activity going forward.


C$1200/ year

Crypto Protection

Accounting -we will keep up-to-date, secure information so you can access it when you need it.

Tax compliance -  we keep track of your activity and make sure you comply with the CRA.

Tax strategy - we’ll optimize your taxes for maximum returns.


Tax defense - we’ll review your crypto records and find ways to improve its auditability, and deal with the CRA directly should a dispute arise.


Advisory- Get unlimited access to a CPA for all your tax questions. Plus, monthly strategy sessions

Tax filings- your annual personal tax returns, including crypto reporting.

C$1,000 / month




Are crypto currencies taxable in Canada? 

Yes. Crypto Currencies are a taxable commodity in Canada.

The Canadian Revenue Agency treats crypto currency as a commodity not a currency. As a result its gains and losses must be reported as either capital gains or business income on your tax return. 

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